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Embark on a visual journey with the Yesterdays Tomorrow Travel Lightroom Preset Pack – a collection curated with wanderlust in mind.

Designed by a seasoned travel influencer, these 12 Orange & Teal presets encapsulate the vibrant hues of your adventures, bringing your travel memories to life.

Key Features:

  1. Wanderlust-Inspired Palette: Infuse your travel photos with the spirit of exploration. The Orange & Teal Collection is a visual ode to the mesmerizing landscapes and vibrant cultures you've encountered on your journeys.
  2. Effortless Time-Saving: Elevate your travel edits effortlessly. These dynamic presets, handpicked and used by a travel influencer, promise to save you time while ensuring your images capture the essence of each destination.
  3. Versatile Across Platforms: Whether you're editing on your desktop or mobile device, these presets seamlessly adapt to your workflow. The.XMP &.DNG files ensure flexibility, allowing you to edit on the go and share your travel stories in real time.

What's Included:

  • Orange & Teal Collection: 12 presets carefully selected to enhance the vibrancy and warmth of your travel photos.
  • .XMP & .DNG Files: Compatible with both desktop and mobile versions of Adobe Lightroom, providing you the freedom to edit wherever your travels take you.
  • Install Help PDF: A user-friendly guide to assist you in effortlessly integrating these presets into your editing toolkit.
Transform your travel memories into visual masterpieces with Yesterdays Tomorrow.

From sun-kissed landscapes to vibrant cityscapes, these presets are your passport to creating captivating narratives that reflect the heart and soul of your wanderlust-filled adventures.

Capture the essence of yesterday's explorations, today.

Tip: Adjust the temperature and exposure to find the look you want, your photo could've been taken in a different temperature and light.

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**No Refunds Available
You will get a ZIP (227MB) file

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