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Yesterdays Tomorrow

Welcome to the blog this is Yesterdays Tomorrow and we are a Marketing & Media Production Company. We have a focus on the travel industry be it through marketing to photography and video production. We strive to bring this town into view of those who may not be familiar with it and to help local businesses bring in much-needed tourism as this town thrives on it.

So like many that are computer savvy, I decided to start up my own business, and let me tell you it's not easy, especially when what you want to do is very foreign to the local scene. Take photography, for example, a lot of businesses here that are based solely on photography are very much in the purist mindset when it comes to editing, I personally love to break rules and the new generation wants that artistic look ever since the explosion of filters on social media platforms. So what do you do? You have to adapt to the times if you want to stay relevant, and with the digital age, relevance is the key to success. So why start if it's so hard in the first place you may ask yourself? This is different for everyone, but there seems to be a common thread among most everyone that I ask, To not be forced into doing busy work all day for the sole purpose of your boss feeling like they are getting every pennies worth out of what they pay you!! I don't want to look back in thirty years with not enough money to retire and think to myself I wish I could retire, or what if I would have just taken the leap and started my own business.

So this led me to the path I am on today setting here writing this blog article, By the way, is something two years ago I would have never thought I would be doing! So over the next few articles, I hope you get some form of enjoyment out of these articles as I will be posting about anything Photography/Videography or Marketing related along with this town and the Tourism this town is based on.

So a big thank you from everyone at

Yesterdays Tomorrow Marketing & Media Production