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Crack the Code of Local SEO: Competitor Insights from Google Search Listings

The Goal:

Are you hungry for local SEO mastery? Then feast your eyes on this deep dive into competitor research, where we'll dissect the coveted "Google 7-Pack" and expose the secret sauce of top-ranking restaurants. This journey, inspired by a local restaurant owner's quest for SEO domination, unlocks valuable intel to conquer your local search battlefield.

Analyzing the Google 7-Pack:

For the first portion of the search I want to focus on the seven-pack, these are the listings on Google that show up with the local map. This section is a great place to rank as it can greatly increase traffic, more importantly, we can see who our major competitors are in our local search listing. This provides extremely valuable data that can be used strategically to gain an advantage for you or a client. Next, I am going to list the top three results for my search.

Meet the top contenders vying for local search supremacy! Salsa's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, Don Juan Mexican Bar and Grill, and Trejo's Del Lago rule the 7-Pack roost, armed with websites, contact info, online booking, reviews, and mouthwatering menus.

1. Salsa’ Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

2. Don Juan Mexican Bar and Grill

3. Trejo’s Del Lago 


Beyond the 7-Pack: Owned Content Champions:

Now, let's shift gears and zoom in on the top 3 Google search results showcasing restaurant owners' own content (no Yelp or Trip Advisor here!). Jose's Mexican Grill, Salsa's (making a surprise comeback!), and On The Border reign supreme. This gives me the chance to look at things from keywords to meta descriptions and titles to see why these other restaurants are outperforming my client.

1. Jose’s Mexican Grill

2. Salsa’s

3. On The Border 

Jose's Mexican Grill & Cantina

Salsa's Authentic Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

Keyword Kings and Queens:

One key takeaway? Keywords are crucial! All three champions proudly wear "Hot Springs" in their title tags, while their meta descriptions sizzle with "Hot Springs, AR" and "Mexican Cuisine."

MozBar: Backlink Bounty Hunter:

Using the MozBar extension, we discover their Page Authority hovering between 23-35 and Domain Authority between 16-57. This intel fuels our backlink strategy and content creation to boost our client's scores.


Remember, local SEO is the lifeblood of any digital marketing warrior. This experience serves as a delicious appetizer, whetting your appetite for mastering this essential skill. Whether you're an agency warrior or a solopreneur like me, SEO mastery is the key to client satisfaction and business success. So, keep learning, keep optimizing, and let your local SEO skills become the secret ingredient to your marketing magic!


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By implementing these suggestions, you can enhance your blog post's SEO performance and reach a wider audience of hungry digital marketing enthusiasts!

I hope this helps!

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Further Learning:

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